Discover how visualizations designed using cognitive science and the latest web technologies will let you do amazing things with your data.

  • "Datacoz did a fantastic job of understanding our goals and delivering our data in a way that really resonated with our target audience. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering the best possible solution for our project was both reassuring and refreshing. We look forward to working with Datacoz again in the future." Joe Phillips - Founding Partner, Everoze Partners

  • "Very compelling exploratory visualizations." Steve McClung - UI engineer, data products, LinkedIn

  • "I think you did a very nice work here! Telling a story and allowing to make simple explorations on the side to gain more engagement. Good work, clean, interesting and beautiful." Alberto González Martínez - Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications, University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • "A great visualisation of air quality. The ease of placing your own city in a spectrum is a nice touch, that personalises the data, and therefore the impact. Well done." David Seymour - Head of product information management, Informa

Get your data noticed

Our brains are wired to filter out background "noise" and focus on what's important. Your data needs to engage readers quickly and deliver memorable insights, or it simply gets lost in the crowd.

Our visualizations employ techniques such as visual pop-out, interactivity, and live text elements that link the story to the data in a way that grabs readers attention and helps deliver your message.

Air Polluion

Cookie cutter doesn't cut it

Like us, you've probably had to sit through more than your fair share of bland presentations with generic, off the shelf data plots. We promise never to inflict that kind of pain on you.

We design and build custom interactive visualizations that people actually enjoy using, and happy users make for memorable data.

Pollution data Pollution data

Immersive data experiences

We employ the latest web technologies so you can navigate complex, multi-dimensional data sets on a single screen.

Intelligent search, tool-tip functionality, and smart filtering between views helps extract all the value from rich data and make it accessable to your audience.

Renewable energy portal

Beyond data points

Sometimes the most powerful visualizations don't come from numbers and data points.

We constantly challenge ourselves to find unique and more effective ways to represent visual information.

clean air smog

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