Project Brief

The Everoze team were looking for a way to showcase a new service which supports their renewable energy clients in making better decisions about repowering and life extension options.


Asset age is a key factor when considering lifetime management decisions, so we decided to build a portal to help users explore and understand their project demographics from various perspectives, before presenting a preliminary assessment life extension and repowering options.


One of the key challenges of this project was finding an elegant solution to navigating and displaying the large, multi-dimensional dataset while preserving an intuative and clean user experience.

In order to display the more than 15,000 unique data values we designed a custom navigation menu which helps the reader stay oriented while progressively adding layers of information.

Providing multiple ways for the user to interact with the data and preserving custom selections across all views helps reveal insights and trends that are not immediately obvious.

Interactive data selection
Menu guide & smart search
Live map view with tooltip
Multiple linked views
Custom nagivation tools
Force layout with dynamic selection bar